Инструкция видеокамеры sony ddv

инструкция видеокамеры sony ddv
Touch [AREA SET] and [DST SET]/[SUMMERTIME] (p. 86). World time difference Time-zone Area setting differences… Page 118: Memory Stick Pro Duo» Media • Do not modify the files or folders in the camcorder from a computer. Имея великолепные возможности по монтажу, склеиванию фрагментов, множество фильтров, эти пакеты применимы не только для обработки простых роликов, но и для использовании в полу- и профессиональном монтаже. Refer to these numbers whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding this product. Connect the device in either of the following ways. Page 84: View Images Set Tips • appears for still images recorded on other cameras using a flash. • The data code is displayed on the TV screen if you connect your camcorder to a TV. • Depending on the media condition, bars [—:—:—] appear.

Просто подвигайте ползунки, пока Вам не понравятся цвета видеоизображения. Attempts were made to recover the data, but they were unsuccessful. Если же полученный AVI не проигрывается затем в Microsoft Media Player’е, то выберите опцию Swap fields on decompress.

Movies Touch the tab and the movie to be played back. Page 53: Capturing A Still Image From A Movie (p. 28). When you select [MEMORY STICK] to save the still images, insert “Memory Stick PRO Duo” media beforehand. Touch [COPY by select]. Page 57: Protecting Images Protecting images You can protect recorded movies or still images from accidental deletion. z Tips • You can select up to 100 images at one time. Press (VIEW IMAGES) B (or C). The VISUAL INDEX screen appears on the screen. (It may take some time to display the thumbnails.) Page 43 Start playback. Las imágenes fijas se graban y se reproducen sólo en un “Memory Stick PRO Duo”. DCR-DVD850 En el ajuste predeterminado, se reproducen las imágenes de la memoria interna. When the DVD menu has been created, a confirmation screen prompts you to confirm that you wish to add movies. b Notes •… Page 70: Finalizing A Disc AC Adaptor during finalizing.

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