Инструкция к колонке speaker

инструкция к колонке speaker
The function generator can be the standalone PASCO Function Generator or if it is to be used with SPARKvue or PASCO Capstone software a 550 or 850 Univeral Interface is required. What colors are available for the Panaray MA12 modular line array loudspeaker? The Mini Speaker is made to fit with the Resonance Air Column. It can be powered with a function generator or a 550 or 850 Universal Interface. It is also useful as a stand-alone speaker for doing interference demonstrations.

Vertical pattern coverage switchable between 45° for medium-throw coverage and 25° forlong-throw applications. The Panaray MA12 modular line array loudspeaker is designed for acoustically demanding indoor spaces where speech intelligibility is critical and speech reproduction is the main requirement. To deliver full-range music performance, bass augmentation is required. Available in black (/B) and white (/W). Variants KYDO/B — Black version KYDO/W — White version System Specifications Speaker type Broadband column Max. When it is paired with the MB4 bass loudspeaker, the result is a powerful full-range system that can solve many customer challenges. Mini Speaker WA-9605 Function Generator PI-8127 550 Universal Interface UI-5001 850 Universal Interface UI-5000 Mini Speaker WA-9605 Resonance Air Column WA-9606 This product requires or recommends PASCO Capstone for data collection and analysis. Multiple or split beams can be used as needed – for example, a split beam can be used to avoid sound hitting a reflective balcony surface.

Колонка подключается как к Android так и к iOS устройствам (даже к iPhone на старой iOS 6). Звук Звучит Mi Bluetooth Speaker громко и четко. Sophisticated Digital ControlGreater precision requires greater processing power and lower-level control. Можно либо использовать голосовой ввод переводчика Google, он неплохо понимает разговоры колонки, либо смотреть заряд на телефоне, по крайней мере iOS умеет отображать уровень заряда этого чуда техники. Yes. The PSA-MA12/MA12EX stand adapter bracket can be used with the SS-10 loudspeaker stand to enable portable loudspeaker mounting and use. Поддерживаются как стандартные плееры, так и Интернет-сервисы вроде Spotify, Вконтакте, YouTube и другие.

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