Инструкция по импорту модели stl-формата в artcam.

инструкция по импорту модели stl-формата в artcam.
Click on Close to confirm the sketch. If you want to edit the sketch, double-click it in the model tree. Step 2: Edit STL file The mesh has automatically been converted into a pixelated object that can be edited with 3D Slash. Gadgets Gadgets are small programs that add additional functionality to Aspire. Also, large files will slow the STL viewer down. On the plus side, the viewer is fairly fast with smaller 3D objects. You will not notice anything because the shape is overlapping the solid. For some of the advanced features of the STL file viewer, you will need to buy a subscription after 30 days.

Create Merged Toolpath The Create Merged Toolpath function allows you to combine toolpaths that use the same tool into a single, new, toolpath that is generally more efficient than cutting the constituent toolpaths independently. The one we want to use is Combine, joining these two objects into one closed model. Drawing & Layout Tools Vector Shape Creation The software has a comprehensive set of drawing tools to let you easily create vectors from scratch or add to imported data. Aspire has a unique interactive approach to assembling 3D component models that makes it easy to change the shape and characterisitcs of individual parts of the job and build up complex designs using simple sets of 3D shapes. Material:Click this Setup button to define the material stock to be used to cut the surface relief out of.

The result of each project (along with the Clip Art) provides a library of parts which can be machined to create sample files to improve your CNC skills or help you to demonstrate your capabilities to potential customers. You can download the free SketchUpMake edition from their official website. Online ★★ ShareCAD STEP, STP, IGES, IGS, BREP, SAT, AutoCAD DWG, DXF, DWF, PLT, STL etc. Using the component manager (Component Tree) individual 3D objects can be adjusted to change the way they interact with each other within a project.

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