Мимио интерактив инструкция

мимио интерактив инструкция
How do you turn on the interactive portion of the projector? Installation times can vary greatly, depending on the surface and integrity of the wall. A typical first installation averages less than an hour; an experienced installer requires much less time. Yes, a wide variety of third-party ceiling mounts are available. The MimioProjector infrared tracking system samples at 60 Hz, which produces a sample timing of 16.6 ms.

Yes, the MimioProjector device can accept and display 720p natively, without scaling. Does the HDMI cable carry audio as well as video? The MimioProjector device will work with any source capable of producing a compliant video signal. Can the projector be ceiling-mounted, in addition to wall-mounted? Part of a complete interactive solution that includes MimioStudio™ classroom software, which allows you to create dynamic lessons and collaborative activities, and perform formative and summative assessment.

This feature will be introduced by mid-2013. It is expected to be a retrofit option that supports the Crestron, PJLink, and AMX protocols. Suitable DLP Link 3D glasses are widely available. The pens consume no power when not actively touching the board surface.

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